Roberta Combs

President, Non-Profit Organization Management

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Roberta Combs's Bio:

Roberta Combs is the President and CEO of Christian Coalition and Christian Coalition of America . She has served as a founding member and has been the only woman on the board of directors for the Christian Coalition of America, which offers pro-family Americans a vehicle to policies that serve to strengthen and preserve, rather than threaten, our families and our values. Under Roberta's leadership, the Christian Coalition of America has worked to provide education and political training to thousands of Christian activists around the country in order to challenge and equip individuals and churches to make a difference at all levels of government. Each election year, the Christian Coalition of America distributes tens of millions of non-partisan Voter Guides throughout all fifty states, (over 70,000,000 for the 2000 election alone). These guides help give voters a clear understanding of where candidates stand on important pro-family issues - before they go to the polls on Election Day. Roberta owned a very successful business in the 1970's and 1980's. In late 1980's, she began her political consulting business. As a political consultant, she advised and managed numerous campaigns at the local, state and national level. She has served as a pro-family advisor to many US Congressmen, US Senators and Governors as well as President George W. Bush and has also testified before Congress on behalf of pro-family issues for the Christian Coalition of America. She has appeared in many national media outlets, including television, radio and print commenting on politics and current issues. She also has served on numerous boards and commissions and has held different offices in the Republican Party serving in both appointed and elected positions at all levels. She and her late husband, Andy, were national delegates to the Republican National Convention for 16 years consecutively being one of the few couples in the country with that honor.

Roberta Combs's Experience:

  • President and CEO at Christian Coalition

Roberta Combs's Interests & Activities:

She divides her time between Washington, DC and her home in Charleston, South Carolina. Roberta is the mother of two daughters, Karen and Michele and the grandmother of one grandson, Logan.